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Anoop Kumar, MD, MMgt

In practicing emergency medicine for over a decade, I’ve come to recognize a prime emergency that has not been diagnosed: Our current understanding of human anatomy is incomplete and outdated. That has big implications for diagnosis, treatment, and healing—and not enough people are talking about it. As a physician, I feel a responsibility to jump-start the conversation.

The purpose of this site is to

  1. Bring attention to the fact that, despite the apparent modernness of medicine, we still don’t have answers to the most basic questions:

    • What is the human body made of?

    • What is the mind?

    • Where is the mind?

  2. Bring attention to the fact that medical science has not kept up with the latest findings in physics.

  3. Present a new view of the human body and mind that is consistent with today’s science, and discuss its ramifications.

  4. Provide learning opportunities for those who want to dive deeper.

  5. Create a community to spread the word. Have ideas? Contact me below.

I’ve written a couple books on related topics. One is called Michelangelo’s Medicine and the other is called Is This A Dream? If you’d like to invite me for an interview or as a speaker, please use the form below.

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