Let's cure disease instead of just managing it

I'm flying back from Shanghai now, where I attended a visionary global worldview conference at the beautiful Sangha resort in Suzhou, covering everything from education to leadership to science to healthcare. What's clear to me is that the science we are using in healthcare is outdated.

We are still largely looking at the body as a large thing (organism) made up of smaller things (cells, atoms). In fact, the body is much more like a process and flow of information than a static thing. You are ever-changing as part of a never-ending conversation between you and the surrounding environment. Our model of anatomy doesn't reflect that. It models you as a static thing, and because of that rigidity in our vision, I think we are missing key insights that would help us learn how to cure many more diseases, if not every disease.

We have to raise our vision and set our sights higher. To do that, we can't hang on to the old, clunky model anymore. Yes, we human beings have physical bodies, but

1. We are much more than bodies, and

2. Our bodies are informational processes, not things.

We need a new model to harness the latest science, and that's what we're working on here at Redfine Human. If you think all types of cancer, autoimmune disease, mental illness, and more should be curable, not just manageable, join us. 

Anoop Kumar, M.D.