A Daily Practice: The Four Pillars of Health

Begin a daily practice today to Redefine Human, remember unseen aspects of yourself, and help make the shift from the Old World to the New World. Here are four pillars that you can access to take one simple action today.

  1. Nutrition

    Nutrition includes not only food, but everything that nourishes us. It includes what we watch, what we listen to, what conversations we participate in, what we read, and the environment we are in. Pick any of these and take one simple action today to improve the nutrition you receive.

  2. Movement

    Movement can be physical, mental, emotional, or of any other kind.

    Physical movement is not just lifting weights or going jogging. It can be as simple as raising and lowering your arms a few times, open and closing your hands, tightening and loosening the muscles in your face, or wiggling your toes—something to get your body moving and out of its usual positions.

    Mental movement is expressing yourself, writing a short paragraph about anything, drawing something even if you were told you “can’t draw”, or considering something you haven’t really considered before.

    Emotional movement is letting it all come out, or at least some of it. It’s about going there, knowing you’re not alone, and knowing you’re going to be okay. It’s about embracing the highs and lows while walking forward.

  3. Rest

    Rest is downtime. It’s allowing the body and mind to rejuvenate. It can be sleeping well, catching a nap, reading a good book, spending relaxing time with friends, or taking time to do nothing. A lot of integration happens during rest. It’s one of the best and most simple actions you can take.

  4. Connection

    Connection is becoming more self-aware. It may overlap with rest, as might happen when you take the time to do nothing, or when you go for a walk. It may be its own activity, such as meditation or a mindfulness practice. Perhaps it will be reflecting on your day and noticing your behavior and choices.

Pick one simple action from any of these categories and take a small step today.

Anoop Kumar, M.D.