4 Ways to Redefine Human, now

1. Start a daily practice today

Recognizing the validity, usefulness, and broad applicability of the five bodies model requires researching not only an external model of human anatomy, but also the very mind that is conducting the research. Just as tinted sunglasses reveal a tinted world, the configuration of the mind characterizes the world we see.

Therefore, the essential step in understanding the five bodies is to begin relaxing the mind’s configuration so it can see more broadly. Practically, this means beginning a daily practice—one action you take everyday to make the mind subtler, so that insights go beyond theory and become direct experience.

Your practice doesn’t have to be the same everyday, and we all forget once in a while, but no matter what, we keep going. One action at a time. One day at a time.

Here’s how you can begin a daily practice today.

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3. Spread the word

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